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  • Protect your Family from Burglary/Intrusion

    Take yourself off the burglar’s “preferred” list. A security system tells burglars that they can’t stay in your home or business long enough to make their intrusion worthwhile. That also means that the likelihood of you or a family member walking in on a dangerous intruder is nearly zero!

    Most burglars today are semi-pro (gang members and addicts) who could cause serious trouble if you or a loved one unexpectedly confronts them.

    Most burglars break into homes during the day, when they expect an empty home. What if you or your child doesn't answer the door and the burglar thinks your house is empty?

    Homeowners’ insurance is important, and it pays some of the cost of replacing “things” lost to a burglar. But it does nothing to protect your family from the personal danger of intruders.

    An Albuquerque home security system can give you the peace-of-mind that you are doing everything possible to keep your family safe.

    The Monitronics system offers 4 levels of deterrence: 

    • Yard Sign - Burglar can see from the street, chooses another house
    • Warning Decals - If the burglar misses the sign, they will see the decals in the windows 
    • Loud Siren - It will sound loudly when an intruder breaks in 
    • 24 Hour Monitoring - Monitronics will send the authorities to your home if the alarm is not disarmed

    Fire—It Doesn’t Discriminate!

    • Fire is the 3rd leading cause of accidental death in the US
    • A home fire occurs every 72 seconds
    • Fire doubles in size every 20 seconds
    • 20 people die in home fires every 24 hours 

    Learn how our Albuquerque home security systems can protect your home with Automatic Fire Department Dispatch – even if you’re not at home or can’t make a 911 call! Call 1-877-233-1552 to learn more!



  • Santa Fe Alarm Systems

    The City Different is a mystical place of art, culture and picturesque landscapes. With beautiful neighborhoods like Eldorado, Las Campanas, La Tierra and Aldea, Santa Fe is not only an attractive city for families and art lovers, but thieves.

    Every year, thousands of Santa Feans endure loss and property damage at the hands of thieves, criminals and delinquents. According to the FBI, the average monetary loss experienced in a burglary is $2,079. Many of these burglaries involve forcible entry—a frightening thing to consider if you or your loved ones are home when a burglar strikes.  

    When you’ve worked hard to provide a comfortable living for your family, make sure your way of life is protected with a custom security system from Security USA. As the largest Monitronics dealer in the state, we have extensive experience designing custom security systems for the specific needs of your home. 

    In Santa Fe, we know that maintaining the integrity of your home while addressing all of your security needs is an important thing to consider when installing security equipment. Our experienced technicians will carefully evaluate your premises and recommend the best security solution for your home and family. When installing your security system, we are careful to integrate the system with your home’s existing structure for seamless harmony, effectiveness and ease of use.

    A Santa Fe home alarm system can give you the peace-of-mind you seek when it comes to protecting your home and loved ones. Contact us today to learn how you can get complimentary security equipment for your home!

    Call 1-877-233-1552 to learn more about protecting your home with a Santa Fe home alarm system from Security USA!

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