• SafeSchool System

  • Helping protect our children everyday.

  • Student Monitoring

    Allows parents and school administration the ability to monitor student activity when it comes to general attendance matters and specialized events.

  • Event Management

    Manage and monitor on/off campus school events, both academic and non-academic. Buy tickets, check students in and out, and record time stamps.

  • Emergency Management

    Assists administration during crisis situations including campus evacuation and sending emergency alerts updates to parents/guardians.

  • Visitor Security

    Ensures campus safety by verifying the background of school/student visitors and monitoring their activity while on campus.

  • Watch the SafeSchool Demo Video Below:

  • SafeSchools Campus Management is a modular and scalable student safety and campus management system that provides school administrators with the tools they need to track student movement and better manage complex campus activities while enhancing the safety of their students.

  • Works Across All Platforms

    Mobile. Web. Server.