• Real-Time Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System

  • SecurityUSA Services, jointly with KABA® and Databuoy® are proud to present the EAGL system. This new and innovative system is designed to protect schools and critical infrastructure from random shooting incidents. The EAGL system will detect gunshot fire and automatically lock down buildings and other soft target areas based on a preset schedule. Separate commands are sent to the IP camera’s management system to capture the active shooter’s image and send  the image along with emergency notification of an active shooter situation to law enforcement’s emails and smart phones . This message includes GPS coordinates of the shooter (s) and ballistic data in real time. There is capacity to integrate with the building’s public address system to notify its occupants of the active shooter situation.

    The total EAGL  system response time is less than 30 seconds.  Research shows the average law enforcement response time is 12 minutes, and that most violence occurs in the first 10 minutes.  There have been almost 400 mass shootings in the United States during 2015. 

  • Main Features and Benefits

    Significantly reduces law enforcement response time which saves lives

    • Deters against unlawful access to soft target areas, ie classrooms and workplace areas to give occupants time to escape
    • Provide facility card access control to deny access to those who don’t belong
    • Fully automated facility lockdown in case of gunshot fire or other life threatening situation. 
    • There is no need to monitor  this system nor push any buttons to activate lockdown or for notification
    • Integration capability to the customer’s public address system to alert building occupants of potential threats
    • Integration with the customer existing  IP cameras
    • Real time data dissemination
    • Provides critical information to law enforcement and building officials so they can take immediate and appropriate actions
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